Photographers have the enviable power to capture time, but very few have the consistent ability to make that time count for their customers. Hal Silverman Studio has been doing it for years.

The Studio has gained the confidence of customers by approaching each job as a one-of-a-kind challenge — understanding the audience and the way in which the customer wants the product or service to be perceived. Only then do Hal and his team focus their creativity and technical talent on preserving the perfect instant.

If you've never worked with Hal before, this site will introduce you to the Studio's capabilities. For those of you who have, here are a few reminders of prize-winning projects past. And for everyone there are some two-way tools designed to help save time, as well as capture it.

Just as you don't need to understand microprocessors, system architecture and programming to browse silvermanstudio.com, Studio clients don't need to be photography gurus to transform their ideas into photographic reality. They can relax and rely on Hal Silverman .